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                 Height: 5’6” Weight: 125lb Hair: Black Eyes: Light Brown


Deceased LEAD Dir. by Pantha Rahman
Duplicitous LEAD Dir. by Lucas Paz
The Thief LEAD Dir. by Kuo Lei
The Loop LEAD Dir. by Zichen Liu
Psycho LEAD Dir. by Li Yang
Dead Man’s Hand LEAD Dir. by Amalia Ramirez
Reader LEAD Dir. by Kuang Ye
Boarding School Blues (The Movie) LEAD Dir. by Julio Ramos
The Lollipop Guild LEAD Dir. by Gerald Albitre
Kidnapped LEAD Dir. by Adriana Ledesma
Death Note LEAD Dir. by Michael Zelniker
Jesus Hopped the A Train LEAD Dir. by Michael Zelniker
Forgiveness LEAD (Music Video) Dir. by Joseph Alexander
Judge Junior (Pilot) LEAD Dir. by Broadcast West Studios
The Body that wasn’t hers LEAD – Played a Girl (with Gender Identity Disorder) Dir. by Michel Moon
Regionrat Co-star Dir. by Javier Reyna
Diamond in the Rough Co-star Dir. by James Meyer
Chengnuo Principle – Chinese Dialogues Dir. by Paul Okpuno
Adam Ruins Everything Featured Dir. by Tim Wilkerson


‘Billy Elliot’ The Musical Director

(India’s 1st Broadway Show of Billy Elliot)

St. Joseph’s College Auditorium, Bangalore, India
Dial ‘M’ for Murder Stage Manager The Group Rep at Lonny Chapman Theatre,

North Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution Officer of the Court & Court Clerk The Group Rep at Lonny Chapman Theatre, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA
And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little Delivery Boy The Group Rep at Lonny Chapman Theatre, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA
Boarding School Blues Rapper ‘J-Walk’ & Priest Rajaram Hudson Theatre Hollywood, Los Angeles
Boys’ Life

The Shoemakers Prodigious Wife (Awarded Best Actor)


Boy (National Level Dramatics Competition)

Hudson Theatre Hollywood, Los Angeles

St. Josephs College Of Commerce, Auditorium, Bangalore, India

Stomach Pain (Won Best Play) Jack & John Bishop Cotton Boys’ School Auditorium, Bangalore, India
Street Play 2011/ 1 Act Play Competition’12 Called upon as a Judge for the Competitions Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, India

(Received Governor’s Award)

Subhash Chandra Bose

(National Level Dramatics Competition)

Army Public School Auditorium, Bangalore, India

(Gold Chase Motion Pictures’ CenterStage)

Wrote and Performed a Musical St. Josephs College Of Commerce, Auditorium, Bangalore, India



Working as a Theater & Acting teacher since September 2017. Currently employed as Theater & English teacher (TEFL Certified) in Tongzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. A lifetime member of the Group Rep Theater, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA.

Master of Fine Arts in Acting for Film with HONORS from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Business Management (specialized  in  Marketing)  from St. Josephs College of Commerce, affiliated with Bangalore University


SKILLS:  Theater Teacher/Acting Coach, Trilingual (English, Hindi, Bengali), Guitar (Rhythm), Soccer (At School & University level), Voice-Over Acting (Commercial, Character, Narrative), Dancing (Certified for Choreographed Dancing), Horse Riding (Basic), Acting Coach (Rehearsal Manager), Production Design (Set Dresser, Art Department).


AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: Worked as Rehearsal Manager (Acting Coach) on ‘Julia’ which won Best Actress at United International Film Festival, New York and Best Drama at SP Times Film Festival. ‘Deceased’ starring Rishi Das as lead actor was officially selected for 14th International Short & Independent Film Festival, for Chittagong Short Film Festival 2017, requested for screening at Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand and was featured in LA Bangla Times, Daily Manab Zamin: The World’s First & Largest Circulated Bengali Newspaper and in Priyo News in Bangladesh. Worked as Production Designer for film – ‘The Good Memory’ which won Best Film at United International Film Festival.                                                                                                        

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